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Red Wine Glass

Glass Set

Aver sets the bar (no pun intended) on how you'll enjoy your favorite indulgent going forward. You are an epicurean at heart, so when you go to sip, why not let it be from a glass that matches your essence.

Whether you are unwinding in the bathtub, curled up on the couch with a good book, or socializing with friends, these glasses are perfect for any mood.

Our luxury glasses are ideal gifts for birthday's, holidays, weddings, etc. and if it's one thing that's sure to bring everyone together, it's positive energy and a good glass of wine!


Color: Transparent w/ rose gold stem

Height: 9.8 in

Capacity: 29.4 fl oz

Manufacturer Technique: Hand-blown and lead-free 

Care Instruction: Hand wash only

Remember to always drink responsibly!



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